Observations by J. Patrick Ford

My thoughts on what's happening in San Diego, the United States, and beyond.



I studied journalism and worked in editorial during school and in military service. A career change after college resulted in thirty-seven years in public accounting practice.  My professional experience in finance-economics brought me back to writing commentaries on current issues.  I have been a regular contributor for twelve years to a local business journal with over 250 published commentaries and features.

Expansion into non-fiction feature writing was the outgrowth of my avocation of rare book collecting.  Since 1988 I have been affiliated with University of California – San Diego as a volunteer rare book bibliographer on special projects for the University Library. My specialization is California history. Other University volunteer work is at the Graduate School of International Relations/Pacific Studies (IR/PS) doing research on the digital library website being developed for Pacific Rim Universities. I am also a member of the IR/PS Dean’s Round Table foreign relations study group.

Several of my feature articles were published in organization periodicals  for San Diego Opera, automobile collector clubs, and UCSD library. I prepared the San Diego Opera history featured in “San Diego Magazine” for the 30th anniversary and the five opera program notes published in “Performing Arts” for the 35th anniversary season.



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